For someone in an instrument of torture, for others pure seduction. different point of view, same object. this is the clear proof that heeled-shoes are much more than sa imple footwear.
The documentary shows the heel as a metaphor, to make us think about the world we are walking around.

In our modern and occidental culture, heel is one of the most significant female symbol. Even if it’s quite hard to interview them directly, what happens if they became the topic of the documentary? Ten centimenters closer to heaven would like to show the reflection of someone who look at the heeled-shoes and try to catch the opportunity to talk about the gender construction.

We start with a simple question of the same director in first person: why do I have to wear heels to be more beautiful and feminin??
thanks to the agile and ironic montage, the director with a shoe disegner, a podiatrist, a fashion designer, an activiste feminist, two prostitues and a sociologist, the documentary try to understand how the world that we walk around is.

A documentary of RAQUEL REI.

Idea, Script and Direction: Raquel Rei
Sound Production: Paula Curcio
Director of Photography and Camera: Kim Brink
Camera: Anton Corbal
Editing: Philip Moran
Music: Habelas Hainas
Barcelona Film School


Original title: Deu centímetres més a prop del cel

Original version: galician, catalan, spanish and english.

Subtitles: galician, catalan, spanish and english.

Display Format: 16/9 – 1920 x 1080 / HD

Sound: Stereo

Film: Color / White and black

Duration: 25 min.

2012 / Catalunya-Galiza (Spanish State)

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